CCassured is a research organization that focuses on Animal & Human Health

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We are the frontrunners in CRISPR-Cas related breakthrough discoveries in diagnostics (D) and therapeutics (T). Our eukaryotic CRISPR-Cas based platform technology enables the development of simple CRISPR-Cas based point of care tests according to the ASSURED criteria that can be applied for medical challenges encountered in animal and human health, sophisticated antivirals that can be used during a pandemic emergency and specific eukaryotic CRISPR-Cas based technologies that can assist in finding cures for animal and human related cancers, immune disorders, fertility issues, cardiovascular related disorders, amongst others. 

Animal Health
Our mission is to develop and provide the best available CRISPR-Cas related technologies that can assist the physician to diagnose or treat your beloved pet, farm animal or horse that accompanies you at home, farm or during sport activities, such as horse racing. This is achieved by design, technological development and thorough validation in our well-equipped laboratory. Currently, we focus on:

1. Strangles (D)
2. Maedi-Visna (D & T)
3. Mastitis (D)
4. Cancer (D)

Human Health
Commons is our philosophy, which is part of our European history. We feel that our CRISPR-Cas based technology is of such importance that it should be easily accessible to the community. In both human and animal health this philosophy already paid off, since different partners from all the corners of Europe, are trained and using our CRISPR-Cas based inventions. Currently, we focus with our European partners on:

1. Colorectal cancer (D)
2. Leptospirosis (D)

Diagnostic tool development